Empathy is the skill I want to have to be become a good software developer


You must be wondering what happened suddenly to me and why I am talking about some totally different niche which I have never discussed in my blog.

I have been reading a lot about having Empathy towards others, how it make me confident, happy from inside and have a really good culture inside or team. If I go and search google with Empathy. Continue reading

2019 Year in a Review- Juggling up with life and Code

Hi All, I know we are half way through first month of January of the new decade and I have not started writing any blog. Things has been pretty messy this year personally and professionally it has been an awesome year. I would say impeccable. Lets start 2020 with an Review to start accepting your faults and start the decade 2020  with no regrets and only positiveness and goals.

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Do you know Azure Function have Function-Filters?

I probably think that you are not aware of Function-Filters in Azure function as I was. Recently I was working on Azure functions API based project and was thinking what if we had similar functionality of ASP.NET MVC Filters in Azure function as well it will help us solve the problem of customizing or request pipeline and help common logic to shared across Azure functions. Continue reading

Learn how to Authorize your Key Vault Secrets to Serverless Azure Function

Learn how to Authorize your Key Vault Secrets to Serverless Azure FunctionAre you looking to Authorize your Key Vault Secrets to Serverless Azure function? If Yes, then this article is for you. In the previous article, we learned how to access and configure Key Vault in our ASP.NET Core web application. Wait! What if we want to access the Key Vault from a Serverless Azure Function. Continue reading

Your secrets are safe with Key Vault in ASP.NET CORE Web App on Azure

Are your application secrets being checked in the source control?
Let me introduce you the way to Safeguard your application secrets that will make your application more secure and no more checked in application secrets in the source control. 

What will you learn in this blog: I have been trying to explore how to secure secrets of web application on Azure using Key Vault.  I have been trying to do small Proof of Concept to try your secrets are safe with Key Vault in ASP.NET CORE Web App but was failing to implement it in a single shot. I searched various article which was shown as working as per code but when I implemented them step by step it never worked.

So finally after lots of hit and trials…
I was finally able to store my web application secrets in the Azure Key Vault.
I will try to cover each and every topic in this small proof of concept to be in depth with all small points to be demonstrated via gif so that it’s easy to understand.

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