Hey, guys, I will be speaking on .net Core via Webinar on 5th March where I will talk about my learning on.NET core and how will it is a revolutionary product to change the market among open source giants. MARK YOUR CALENDER AND BE READY FOR .NET CORE

With everything moving towards open source, Microsoft’s biggest framework “.Net Core” will bring a huge revolution in coming future. To understand more about this framework, on 5th of March (Sunday), there is a webinar conducted by Saillesh Pawar on “Learning .Net Core” followed by practical demo. No registration is required. Anyone can join from anywhere. Details for the […]

via Webinar on “Learning .Net Core” on 5th Mar, 2017 — Mumbai Techie Group

Learning Awesome Open Source.NET Core Deep Down that will blow your mind.

AbstractHey, folks, I have been playing around with.NET Core for 1 month I would and there still a lot to cover. Though considering.NET CORE as a sea which is then further divided to lagoon, lakes, ponds and river in form of ASP.NET MVC, Entity Framework Core, ASP.NET CORE etc. I have no hesitation saying that I have just had few drops of rains over my mind and I felt really good to feel the monsoon coming for the.NET developers where we can see the lots of new features coming to.NET stack cross-platform, with performance benchmark, open source.NET technologies which make the Microsoft open to the world. I am a just normal developer who had no knowledge of open source before as I never heard from colleagues or I would say I was not involved with the community. With .NET being open source and now we have.NET core which is built from scratch with running cross platform, cheap deployment on a a Linux machine which was not possible before (Note*- Windows servers are costly as compared to Linux servers). So let’s get started with digging to the Core.
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