Empathy is the skill I want to have to be become a good software developer


You must be wondering what happened suddenly to me and why I am talking about some totally different niche which I have never discussed in my blog.

I have been reading a lot about having Empathy towards others, how it make me confident, happy from inside and have a really good culture inside or team. If I go and search google with Empathy. Continue reading

2019 Year in a Review- Juggling up with life and Code

Hi All, I know we are half way through first month of January of the new decade and I have not started writing any blog. Things has been pretty messy this year personally and professionally it has been an awesome year. I would say impeccable. Lets start 2020 with an Review to start accepting your faults and start the decade 2020  with no regrets and only positiveness and goals.

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Do you know Azure Function have Function-Filters?

I probably think that you are not aware of Function-Filters in Azure function as I was. Recently I was working on Azure functions API based project and was thinking what if we had similar functionality of ASP.NET MVC Filters in Azure function as well it will help us solve the problem of customizing or request pipeline and help common logic to shared across Azure functions. Continue reading

Learn Microsoft Azure Step by Step in 7 days for .NET Developers

The Era of Data Center

Before the advent of the cloud, the business organization would have their business application deployed on the data center.
From Wikipedia:
“A data center (American English or data center (British English) is a building or dedicated space within a building used to house computer systems and associated components, such as telecommunications and storage systems. It generally includes redundant or backup components and infrastructure for power supply, data communications connections, environmental controls (e.g. air conditioning, fire suppression) and various security devices. A large data center is an industrial-scale operation using as much electricity as a small town.”

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You Don’t know Web Job and Azure Function in Depth! Part 1

Do you want to learn Web Jobs and Azure Function in Depth and want to avoid pitfalls while doing development? If yes, then this article is for you.

We will look into Web Job and Azure function in depth and will create some Proof-Of-Concept projects. I will walk you through pitfalls of using different kinds of Web Jobs and Azure Functions bindings and what is suitable for which condition. This series would be long as we will discover and test both the framework with high load, Long running tasks and with different use-case. Continue reading

Learn how to Authorize your Key Vault Secrets to Serverless Azure Function

Learn how to Authorize your Key Vault Secrets to Serverless Azure FunctionAre you looking to Authorize your Key Vault Secrets to Serverless Azure function? If Yes, then this article is for you. In the previous article, we learned how to access and configure Key Vault in our ASP.NET Core web application. Wait! What if we want to access the Key Vault from a Serverless Azure Function. Continue reading

Tip of the day: Save columns with long numbers in CSV in proper format using C# and SQLServer

I know this blog is not about Microsoft Azure which I usually do. There are a lot of Tips that are in my mind and I want to just share them to free my mind because I haven’t shared them with anyone. Continue reading